JTS – Microphones for Installation

For over 30 years, JTS has been making superior microphones with revolutionary innovations.

Hassle-free installations for a fraction of the competitors costs, and unsurpassed performance and specifications!


CM-502/CM502WT – Hanging Choir Mic

• Wide dynamic range and frequency response for accurate sound reproduction.
• High-sensitivity and excellent directional pattern allow effective pick-up.
• Self-contained electronics eliminate need of external power modules.
• Assisted hanger benefits accurate miking.
• Mount plate allows microphone to be fixed to ceiling or wall.
• Durable material allows permanent installation.
• Easy Installation.
• Rust free finish

FGM-170 – Boom-Mounted Choir Mic

This mic has the same capsules as GML series with omnidirectional (GML-0), cardioid (GML-C) and supercardioid (GML-S) models included. The very light carbon boom makes remote miking an easy job. A cable with mini-XLR and XLR on each end is supplied. -10 dB pad and low cut functions are provided.


• Choirs
• Presentation
• Also as a normal mic stand

GML-5212 – Gooseneck Podium Mic

• Condenser gooseneck mic with bundled interchangeable capsule modules (cardioid, supercardioid and omni-directional included)
• -10 dB pad and low-cut switches are provided for easy installation.
• Mic-on LED indicates the working status.
• Ultra-flexible gooseneck permits adjustment to any desired shape and position.

CM-602USB – Boundary Mic

• Designed for conference, house of worship, and theater applications.
• Features USB red LED indicator. 3-step low-cut switch and back electric cardioid condenser capsule.
• The membrane ON/OFF switch can be programmed to PUSH ON/PUSH OFF, PUSH TO TALK, and PUSH TO MUTE three modes.
• The precisely calculated circuit plus tailored capsule response ensure transparent sound quality.
• Internal shock mount minimizes mechanical noise.

CM-125iF/CM-125iB – Subminiature Lavalier Mic

• For theater, documentary, TV and live sound.
• Omni-directional.
• Excellent acoustic performance.
• Ultra slim design
• Detachable connecter
• F: Beige color, B: Black color


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